What is the treehouse?

It’s where Molly from the Treehouse lives.

Who is Molly?

It’s me, hello!

Previously a primary school teacher, I am still using my skills to help children and their families in South London and beyond. I am passionate about outdoor play, reading and parental wellbeing.

What do I get?

Each newsletter will include:

  • Inside this book - A review of a children’s book with tips for reading it aloud and bringing it to life.

  • Outside the house - ideas for getting out into nature with your kids and what to look out for this week.

  • Inside your head - Reflections on the assault to our mental health that is parenting and advice on ways to cope.

  • Out of the blue - Anything else I have come across this week that I think will be helpful to pass along.

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Nature play, kid's books and mental wellbeing for parents.


Community educator, passionate about outdoor play and learning, children's stories and parental wellbeing.